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What size heater do I need for a space/room that measures (x ft. wide by y ft. deep)
Although this may seem like a simple question that can have a simple answer, it really isn't.
In order to determine the size heater that is needed for a specific application, many factors have to be considered including:
  • What is the cubic feet of the room? (length x width x height)
  • What is the insulation value of the walls, ceiling, floor, and any windows?
  • Are any adjacent room (beside, above or below) heated?
  • Where are you located? (a larger heater is needed in New York than New Orleans)
  • How much infiltration is there? (Cold air entering the room through cracks around window sills, or loading dock doors that periodically open and close)
  • What is the normal outside temperature during the heating season?
  • Where do you want to maintain the inside temperature?
  • Is there any inside air being exhausted to the outside? (manufacturing processes, kitchen exhaust hoods, restrooms, laboratory exhaust hoods, etc.)
  • Will you simply be recirculating the heated inside air, or do you want to introduce fresh air from outside into the heated space?

Other areas would need to be explored including the local building codes. For an accurate heating needs analysis, contact your local representative at 800-695-1901. In most cases an estimate can be given over the phone. For an exact analysis an on-site inspection by a qualified HVAC engineer may be required.

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